I am from…

Travel blogging was put on a premature hold with the start of school. I don’t usually have anything school related to blog about– probably because I have spent a good deal of time struggling with what I want to do with my life. Believe it or not, acceptance to vet school does not equate to clear direction. I believe now I have discovered my calling (maybe more on that some other time…), and honestly to get to this point I have found it more helpful to look back at my own life-story rather than only looking forward to “what could be.”

Today I was working my way through some online modules that I need to complete for PVM Ambassadors, a program in which I go to a local community center in Lafayette and help present Veterinary Medicine lessons to the elementary school children there. One of the activities I had to complete for a module gave me the opportunity to write my own adaptation of the George Ella Lyon poem, “Where I’m From.”

Using these guidelines (ish)… I generated my poem:

“Please write a poem of at least twelve lines that begins with “I am from…” and includes all of the following elements.

I Am From…  A specific item in your childhood home  A phrase describing your childhood home/neighborhood  A toy or object you had as a child  A family habit, trait or tendency  An ancestor  A food  A smell  A color  A family saying  A non-family saying  A location

Conclude by repeating a line or idea from earlier in the poem, or finishing this thought:  I am from those moments…”

Here is my adaptation for your reading pleasure:

I Am From…

I am from the blue rocking chair in the living room,

Hearing “the sooner you sleep, the sooner you wake”

I am from the basement toy land and the yellow bedroom upstairs,

An acre with hills and the rabbits out back

I am from a collection of snowglobes taking over shelves,

A sewing machine, and overdue books from the library

I am from Zoloft and bible verses to ease our nerves,

Loud reunions with the card game, “Hand and Foot”

I am from Pappy, who maintained faith after his stroke,

Who sat watching his finches and The Andy Griffith Show

I am from tapioca, Tortellini soup, and angel food cake (with no icing),

Persimmon Pudding eating contests at Ft. Vallonia days

I am from the smell of chlorine year round,

Long lanes for practice, but a home pool for fun

I am from Amish communities around the Midwest,

With sisters asking “When do we get a fun vacation?”

I am from “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all,”

And “If I had a dime for every question you asked…”

I am from the sound of the Player Piano with every loud tune,

Dancing on toes or with pom-poms in hand

I am from ‘A House Is Not a Home Without a Pet,’

Meaning everything comes with a side of fur

I am from sun-burnt skin and unkempt hair,

Matching outfits and holes in my hand-me-downs

I am from those times of change like the seasons,

Shaped by Every high and Every low