Nomadic Adventures: Vienna

Here we go: part two of four!

Off to Vienna!

Off to Vienna!

So, we got off the train at the right stop in Vienna, which was ideal considering that we could have otherwise ended up in Germany. After our experience with Skyline bus service in Budapest, we decided not to even chance a bus system, so we hailed a taxi. In Vienna, we stayed in Palace hostel, which overlooked the city. After being smack dab in the city for Budapest, it was nice to be in such a peaceful area.

Beautiful View

Beautiful View

Palace Hostel

Palace Hostel

10432493_10206187948403758_2113857241970682117_n 11025959_10206187948763767_1915183046563980891_n

Even more beautiful view

Even more beautiful view

Once we checked in, we went on a little walk before finding a place to eat.


Roommate Jelly getting way too excited about dirty snow. Californians.

11070218_10206187946323706_4341955832393500424_n 11041704_10206187947403733_5077837678389467658_n 19227_10206187946363707_4325083265954074723_n 10659317_10206187947563737_7685502449036951689_n

It was called Villa Aurora. We were a little confused when people were parading out of the building carrying giant bowls of food, but we finally went inside. We were further confused when there was a giant dog sitting in the reception area. And the confusion did not stop there… the waiters started speaking to us in German and I am sure they saw the panic in our eyes. We told them we were lost but they thought we said that we had lost someone. Finally, Ali said “I am hungry,” and those three words alone were enough to clear up all confusion. They took us inside the seating area and said, “This is just a normal restaurant! Come inside! Why are you being so shy?” For dessert, we shared a creme strudel that had a delicious vanilla rum sauce. The restaurant was really calm and soothing, especially with the candle-lit tables, a wood burning fireplace, and the murmur of German from everyone around. Also at Villa Aurora, a girl came up and took one of the menus at our table to use; however, the waiters had given us special English menus. We watched her as she went back to her table and was really thrown off because she was anticipating that it would be in German. By this restaurant, we had learned that places in Europe don’t rush you out. You have to ask for the check because sitting and visiting is expected of customers.



11075237_10206187949683790_7520353513953831307_n 18287_10204883948112846_2307984715489370096_n

The second day, we got an early start because we basically only had one day planned for Vienna. After eating the rolls with every spread imaginable provided to us by the hostel, we set out to find our way into the city. We hopped on Bus 46A, which is ironic, because that is one of the numbers for the busses that service our campus back in Dublin. We couldn’t figure out when/if we had to pay. The bus driver who didn’t really speak English conveyed to us that we pay later because we also had to take a tram. So, we hopped off the bus at the stop the lady at reception wrote down on paper for us to get off on. When we got off, we started walking across the street to a tram stop, but the bus driver honked at us because he knew we were going to the wrong one. He motioned us to the right stop, and we successfully hopped on tram 10 and were off to the zoo.


The zoo in Vienna, called Tiergarten Schonbrunn, is the oldest in the world. It was really neat to see because of the Baroque architecture and cages. They had koalas, orangutans, and even Giant Pandas! Zoos make me a little sad because the animals are in captivity, but fortunately many of the animals there seemed to be pretty content.


My poor friend who wanted out

11081485_10204883927512331_4019411276431332570_n  11075169_10206187954643914_5416399788802227968_n


Roommate Jelly’s Spirit Animal

Ali's spirit animal... jk, she hates them

Ali’s spirit animal… jk, she hates them


Mallory’s spirit animal?


Canopy Walk over the Zoo


I am pretty much a Giant Panda at heart

   11075248_10204883912831964_735720986739213485_n  11071597_10206187951243829_3365663071505494514_n11075139_10204883899671635_754211271159184549_n 11071753_10206187951323831_8631910902770842552_n  11071540_10206187960524061_4665577262573167782_n 11063612_10206187963604138_6580882613870622080_n 11055351_10206187957803993_9001555474179543101_n 11054382_10206187950283805_7472268330349585202_n 11010985_10206187961924096_4975830994880571753_n  10994641_10206187961484085_5089312216585400748_n 10986643_10206187955403933_160862603984187346_n 10801954_10206187957083975_2488611124310403591_n 10433942_10206187954883920_8030833923452149675_n 10491070_10204883924032244_6754477402074083816_n 10486211_10206187953843894_6122872538141044693_n11059391_10206187958444009_2126798903060281472_n 10443411_10204883902231699_9209426295972707033_n 10410908_10206187956083950_4577403479664629109_n 10422199_10206187962924121_4559750170792546156_n 1962612_10204883905831789_7667655454781168566_n 11074486_10206187958924021_3646636979336350557_n   13178_10204883913871990_1328117063328146099_n

After the zoo, we tried asking directions to walk to the city centre. The lady at the desk told us to take the tram multiple times. We went back to the tram station and asked someone else and they kept telling us to take the tram. It was beautiful outside and we were stubborn and determined to walk, so we started walking even though we weren’t really sure which direction we were supposed to be heading. We found a huge palace building with a ton of tourists. Ali and Kelly went separate ways to find help with directions. Both found out simultaneously that we were crazy for wanting to walk since the centre was forever away. So, we sucked it up and got on the tram. We quickly figured out the tram system, so we were fine except for the fact that we still didn’t know about paying.


The "we finally figured out how to get around Vienna" picture

The “we finally figured out how to get around Vienna” picture

The closed market

The closed market

The market we tried getting out at was closed, probably because it was Sunday. So, we got back on the tram and headed into their Heroes’ Square, which contained a bunch of very European looking buildings. We sat down in a park area, where there were a bunch of old people on benches. It was super cute, and being an 80 year old woman trapped in a 20 year old body, I felt right at home.

My posse

My posse


??? Unconventional Accordion Players

11060326_10206187969004273_7769077111008700068_n 11013182_10206187969204278_3642357327469722100_n 10943656_10206187965684190_1398123997120441175_n 10987706_10206187965444184_3965240799401929951_n 10606328_10206187972164352_5298856160385728187_n 10250305_10206187967044224_3926656342614109655_n 1908259_10206187967884245_9209623235209883428_n  1604649_10206187964924171_460712027192750276_n


Me being all distinguished with a dress… and hiking backpack

There was also an Asian couple who came through, getting their wedding pictures taken. While we were watching them, a little girl walked up really close to them and seemed mesmerized by the bride. She made a bit of a disgusted face when they kissed though. While the photo-shoot was going on, we also witnessed a guy pick his nose while cuddling with his girlfriend. After that scarring incident, we decided to go find a cafe because I was hungry. Earlier, Ali wouldn’t let me eat the apple I had with me, since my front four teeth are loose on top and I hadn’t brought a knife to cut the apple up. She was only looking out for my best interest, but you should never mess with a hungry college student. It also didn’t help that both Ali and Kelly ate their apples in front of me.

1958029_10206187970484310_8712434993322397222_n 11061331_10204883943712736_7124662481072332282_n 11062941_10206187971364332_671684807756146036_n

While walking, we wandered upon a Winter festival going on! It happened to be the last day they were holding it. There was ice-skating on huge outdoor rinks with tracks connecting them. We ended up getting food from all but one of the stands; however, it only cost us around six euro a piece because we split everything we tried. First, we had Spatzle, which had egg noodles, spinach, and goat cheese. Then we had some sort of dessert that I don’t know the name of; it was like little squares of pancake with vanilla sauce. The pancake was less sweet than American pancakes and has more of an egg and corn base to it. After dessert, we went back for real food round two. We had sausage with cheese inside, which we read are sometimes referred to as “Eitriger.” Translation: pus-stick. Setting aside the unfortunate nick-name, it was actually delicious and came with a piece of beer bread (emphasis on the beer). There was also a stand selling roasted nuts. We split a bag of rum flavoured ones, and then each got a package for the road. I tried a coffee based flavour for my second one, and it was even better than the rum. The guy working at the booth didn’t speak any English, and the only words I recognized were Rum and Latte, hence my choices.





11083646_10204884398364102_4429124001737665004_n   11081289_10206317518400537_895968372258585839_n 1897921_10204883952312951_870442608342923069_n11073382_10206187973124376_5118777884653574030_n 11064602_10206187976604463_4705972602134773617_n 11061215_10206187976484460_8772062755805066927_n 11006448_10204883949632884_3330508386776477052_n 10801837_10204883951952942_4471467182633011400_n 10356716_10206187973324381_4373261208817379224_n  1484683_10204883951992943_5363142845302627792_n 22219_10204883950512906_5018183014309887166_n 11123_10206187974044399_9183101813586053690_n 17492_10206317515440463_6373808281908454479_n

After the festival, we went to go find the giant ferris wheel. We took the trams again and found their open amusement park. This was the first amusement park aside from the fair, where you just freely walk in and then pay per ride. We hopped on the ferris wheel, which had boxes instead of benches. So, each individual cart held a bunch of people. Some of the carts you could see go by were fitted with tables. I am guessing you can rent a cart for a fancy dinner. The views were spectacular! The wheel went up a lot higher than it appeared from below, and you could see all of the city!!

11075215_10206187981124576_4431761175118991413_n  11074488_10206187980724566_5434511952596285333_n (1)    10397979_10206187979884545_1542493897511636936_n  10405404_10206187980804568_355148960478184589_n 150787_10206187979524536_4450594226459630816_n

11054355_10206187978764517_9176541702975002793_n    11072777_10204883991433929_7364633992872206338_n

Afterwards, we walked around the amusement park. The strangest thing is that they had a live carousel. I don’t think the horses were too happy to be walking around and around in circles, but I am sure that is how carousels originally were.

11076226_10206187984164652_1920893536913120819_n 11071422_10206187985084675_7543674978643785527_n 11070380_10206187985004673_1740775644461241047_n 10407308_10206187984484660_4439799557005625036_n 21232_10206187984244654_5997565607958132325_n

Matching noses

Matching noses

After that, we hopped back on the tram and headed into the city to find a cafe. We were walking along the street window shopping when a drunk Frenchman came up to us on the street and said something about being beautiful mademoiselles and blew two kisses. We were able to kind of shoo him off, but as he walked away he let one rip. The acoustics of the nearly empty street had to have amplified it a bit. We all three lost it!


We found a cafe called Cafe Ritter, where we sat for a good couple of hours. We learned that Viennese coffee houses are huge deals. People linger around them for a really long time! Smoking is way more common in Europe, so there was actually a smoking parlor I had to walk through to get to the bathroom. It was almost too much for me to handle just breezing through, so fortunately we steered clear of it when we chose our seats. The building was otherwise full of charm. It was in really old building, so there was a bunch of built in molding and woodwork. On the way out, I noticed a stash of newspapers that each had their own handle contraption attached for easy reading.

11074706_10204883969913391_2281862772815468150_n 11081262_10204884002714211_2085157929380389520_n 11059465_10206187986204703_5446668147282470409_n 150774_10206317521440613_7891143055557553611_n

We figured out transport back to the hostel, where we first stopped to check out the twinkling city lights from the back lawn. Afterwards, we looked up things to do at the next stop and wound down for the night. We tried researching the whole paying for public transport thing, and apparently it’s not free. However, we just kept being told “pay later, pay later” by people in Vienna, and we never actually saw anyone else pay or have tickets, so it will forever remain a mystery. (At least until the Viennese police come knocking at my door for payment).

Pictures Commemorating that time we unintentionally ripped off Vienna by not paying for public transport:

10989019_10206317523240658_8024733956088905570_n 10430437_10204883972193448_6462342625545765627_n 14693_10206187978644514_2065066613734549386_n 18792_10206317487319760_4530841319239008577_n

While we were waiting in the train station the next day, Ali had me listen to Billy Joel’s song “Vienna,” which I had heard before but love even more now. I told her we could probably make a soundtrack for our spring break trip, with that song and “Budapest” by George Ezra. We tried to find a good song for Prague, since that is were we were boarding the train for, but weren’t too successful. We decided that it would just be Polka music or some other strange thing.

Journaling about Vienna (with an audience)

Journaling about Vienna (with an audience)

Overall, Vienna was super great! I felt safe at all times, and the people were much nicer than our previous stop.


3 thoughts on “Nomadic Adventures: Vienna

  1. Becky Grelle says:

    I am accepting the fact that no one else is going to comment, so I will only say this: Mallory, I LOVE FERRIS WHEELS, and you have made me jealous again. And I HAVE QUESTIONS!

  2. Lori Kindred says:

    Wow, I didn’t know about this Blog until Becky and I just had lunch and she told me about it and where to go! This is all cool, I would Love to see some of this stuff, it’s so beautiful!!

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