Nomadic Adventures: Budapest

I am super excited to get to blog about my Spring Break 2015, but at the same time it is kind of daunting because there is just so much to say. I am going to have to split it up…

Starting out, my roommates and I all received “idiot points” for waiting until the week before to book everything for the trip. We ended up staying up until 3 in the morning one night because we absolutely needed to get on buying our train tickets and book hostels. After a hot mess of a night as Kelly called it, we were able to get everything we needed in line to leave. The next challenge was packing. Packing enough clothes and shoes for that pretty lengthy period of time in a carry on that can’t exceed 10 kg is a challenge. I think I just got to the point where I threw clothes in the bag and said, “This is just going to have to do.” Before we left, I engineered a homemade weighing system so that we could make sure that our bags weren’t overweight. None of us were about to pay 50 euro to check an overweight bag. Using the empty milk jugs and orange juice carton we had, I filled them up with water to equal right under 10 kg and put them inside our trash can.

10690078_10206187909602788_8937183427635729220_n 10806305_10206317441198607_2729653531714718266_n

We ended up leaving on a Wednesday night. Since I don’t have class on Friday, I only skipped one class Wednesday night and one class Thursday. Many of the Irish students stopped coming to class long ago, so it’s whatever I guess. Upon our arrival to Budapest, we were supposed to have a shuttle booked to take us into the city so we could find our hostel. We got in around midnight and the shuttle was scheduled to come at 0:55. Well… it didn’t. After scrounging up the coins for a payphone (thank goodness someone had given Kelly some forints), I went to call the company number provided. I was finally able to get ahold of a sassy guy who sounded like he was half-asleep, but all that he would say was “One… Twenty…. Seven.” He just kept repeating it over and over and over again. So finally I got confirmation that the new pick up time was 1:27. Only, it wasn’t because the shuttle still never showed up. Every other possible bus service showed up… but never Skyline. We waited around until about 2 am, when we gave up and called a taxi.


In Hungary, I depended on Ali and Kelly to buy everything for me because they each withdrew money from the ATM and I didn’t. We didn’t understand their currency when we went to withdraw money at the airport, the ATM was in Hungarian, and we probably weren’t completely with it because it was late and we were tired, so each of them accidentally withdrew around 200 euro in cash. I am not sure that I ever really got used to their currency. They use the forint in Hungary, so all the prices are really huge numbers. Also, they use periods in place of commas. It was really difficult to judge how expensive everything was and also make sure that we weren’t getting gypped, because the conversion factor was not simple.

The next morning we decided to just wander around Budapest since we didn’t exactly know where we were going. Budapest definitely has a different look and feel to it than Dublin. In the architecture there is a combination of Roman and Russian influence. There are courtyards, detailed stonework, pointy buildings, coloured tile roofs. It’s much quieter on the streets with fewer people walking around. More people drive cars rather than walk since the city is bigger.

11071817_10206187910402808_5371079421361604657_n 11054352_10206187909762792_7615800375619831590_n 1925030_10206187911682840_7192409267276204642_n budapest budapest 3 budapest 2

Our obsession with chimney cake started that morning as we stumbled across a roadside stand. After meandering in a couple of stores and then across a bridge, we managed to find ourselves in a touristy landmark which required a hike up a hill to Citadel. Before actually going up the hill, we stopped and ate a giant pretzel that was bigger than my face.

10011270_10206187910962822_632066244099063976_n 10981438_10206317442798647_1329226571447273581_n

11048610_10206187918963022_4484795411614972582_n  11071599_10206317447998777_4669878626964452455_n

It was really neat to overlook the whole city and see the landmarks we would eventually hit from above.

11062329_10206187915042924_1027003306875384713_n 10298893_10204883844030244_3454944415781844194_n 11058406_10206187912762867_8850345400116432867_n 11075193_10206187912442859_4040148368256521586_n 247184_10206187913762892_7242231501306937708_n 11081004_10204883809909391_6316227808812627277_n 11081192_10204883801909191_842559643464533945_n 10172862_10206187914402908_7982145730544904640_n

At the top, there was also a playground. Naturally, we decided to spend some time there. The highlight was the giant hamster wheel. Surprisingly no one was injured… however, I did fly out of the wheel several times.

10404189_10204883807109321_6167331057251920047_n playground 11033093_10204883807549332_1546510172174989700_n 10341409_10204883807589333_3870097407484356149_n

After that, we found an shop where workers tried guessing our ethnicity. They thought I was Swedish or Norwegian, which is actually a common guess that I get over here. Since all we had to eat for the day at that point was basically bread, we found a cafe where I ate a paprika veal and egg noodle dish. Paprika spiced meat and goulash are trademark hungarian dishes. We also had some strange Hungarian dessert there. It was basically fried dough balls in a cream cheese sauce… not my favourite, but worth a try. Back at the hostel, we went down to the bar and used our coupons for a free drink. Hot wine is apparently a big deal in Hungary, and that was one of our choices, so we decided to give it a go. I actually liked it because it had less of a fermented flavour and more of an Apple Cider taste with the spices.

10603713_10204883874951017_6641620284612481993_n 11070220_10204883891791438_8620277274550980258_n

Day two in Budapest, I made sure to come up with a plan of action and got us out the door early. On the way to the first stop, we saw the largest synagogue in Europe.1924828_10206187916122951_1089226462076294621_n

The first actual stop, we hit Great Market Hall. This was a huge indoor market with a bunch of grocery, craft, and food stands. I bought a little wooden spice scoop since Paprika is a big deal there. We also ate breakfast at the market. We had what was called langos, which reminded me of an elephant ear. Ours had vanilla pudding on top of it, so it was a delicious mess.

10923509_10206187910242804_1677806132312190119_n   11054473_10206187916602963_2614020854462395516_n11069735_10206187918083000_2570861398910213061_n   10711118_10206187916802968_3891662107212380977_n 1965081_10206187917322981_5950203111029196780_n 1962600_10206187917922996_2364933396104310948_n 11039308_10206187918563012_1470995644303356733_n  10322838_10206187916522961_3178527929131468134_n

After that, we shot up the road to the Parliament building. Along the way, we found wavy benches that were really comfortable; the sun shining on us made it even better. We also saw from across the Danube, Buda Castle, which was massive, and Matthias Church, which is supposedly the finest church in Budapest. There was also a memorial along the side of the Danube near the chain bridge, which was the first bridge to connect Buda and Pest. The memorial was a bunch of metal shoes right off the water. It was kind of eerie as it was to commemorate Jewish people who had been shot into the river.11026318_10206187918883020_9125115787686267764_n 11081110_10204883820869665_4421401268892021462_n1507561_10206187920723066_12309521279006569_n 11036303_10206187919443034_7131159363872020927_n    10404224_10206187921523086_7586561180433316821_n 11063612_10206187921323081_3781506934134979712_n984296_10206187919683040_225902336650985949_n

We finally reached the parliament building, which was a beautiful kind of scary because of the pointy roof along with the colouration.

10981737_10206187922123101_2205281801512061469_n 10251952_10204883828669860_2872062221060207461_n    10981199_10206187923083125_153859310840361509_n  10305059_10206187923043124_5243800754732612058_n   10401885_10206187924723166_3665505166531860030_n

After that, we saw St. Stephen’s Basilica, Budapest’s largest Roman Catholic church. I have never seen a church so elaborately decorated. On the way out, there was a booth to buy merchandise. Ali says that Jesus probably would have flipped the table. She is right.11045844_10206187929723291_1593096928461873432_n  11061760_10206187927483235_6639036751672358923_n  11008419_10206187928683265_355752093107904070_n 11008419_10206187925003173_1290846494075059969_n 10985570_10206187929163277_2241361784058781324_n 10397979_10206187926963222_4498615397194159767_n 10981832_10206187928963272_5321524651903356245_n  10622702_10206187925443184_5530579444937030440_n 13373_10206187927163227_7334781044916705609_n

Then we walked up Andrassy street to Heroes Square, seeing the state opera house along the way. Heroes Square was a giant paved square with an extremely tall column in the middle along with a few arches of columns off to the side. It was incredibly huge!10952450_10206187932443359_426356370625726666_n 11063424_10206187931843344_1274374930802135262_n 10288708_10206187932563362_7262666775852508078_n 10924704_10206187931963347_6083644700079766428_n

After that, we walked around to Vajdahunyad Castle, which was too big to get in one picture. It kind of had a more Gothic look to it as well. There was a statue of George Washington outside it as a tribute to Hungarian Americans.11054352_10206187933643389_3122533468899505200_n   10380973_10206187934723416_8826762708880534219_n 10462769_10206187933483385_6687603382907887616_n   10422205_10206187934203403_4323856661475082571_n   21269_10206187933363382_5736607687023586297_n

Inside the castle, there was an agriculture museum, which Ali and I had to go into considering we are agriculture students. Kelly didn’t seem to mind either, because I think we have started converting her into an ag loving girl. The museum was endless and aside from the exhibits, it was worth paying to go into just for the architecture alone. There were stained glass windows throughout and definitely felt castle-like inside still.

11076250_10206187937003473_388319765817166997_n 11066612_10204883871910941_2073765562183924866_n 11012871_10206187937723491_2954604425914677055_n 10999610_10206187936083450_4090870461392271456_n  10471326_10206187938243504_8364715977558616763_n 11071740_10206317462839148_3531843980315703935_n 10422199_10206187936683465_6915680992777623409_n 10367144_10206187938323506_6133969698672521108_n 10994453_10206187936403458_3294910023162278394_n 1897659_10206187937883495_8791582586627162645_n 1743543_10206317473799422_3254407708578758066_n 10941518_10206187938523511_5778561406092943199_n 10653445_10206187940003548_5859221811840257504_n10444408_10204883866670810_3991543996330694190_n

After the museum, we didn’t know what to do, so we decided to find food and then maybe try going to Buda’s castle. First we grabbed some more chimney cake and then we ate gyros at a little hole in the wall place. They were really cheap and really delicious, although they were quite spicy, which hurt my chapped lips. It was worth the pain. Stopping to eat also gave us time to rest our feet since we were hurting pretty bad by that point.

11083941_10204884393763987_6262348107379082090_n  food

On the way to Buda’s castle, we happened upon a Hungarian festival they were holding. We ate yet more chimney cake, but this time, we got to watch it be made right in front of us! Also, when we got it, it was super warm and delicious. (Lesson learned from that chimney cake is that it must be consumed the day you get it. I ate all mine that night, but Ali and Kelly left some for the morning. Both of them ended up getting sick from it.) We browsed the rest of the booths and ended our day watching the sun set behind Buda’s castle.

11070009_10206187943123626_2370472157735233249_n 10985877_10206187942923621_2472831037963354054_n 10953726_10206187941883595_2837277590650228148_n 10429840_10206187942963622_6325340429666103677_n 10407683_10204883881511181_6310068373599330655_n 10422199_10206187942323606_4705549114943240219_n 10386848_10206187942043599_1027518653924048352_n 10314453_10206187943563637_2115175554758445328_n 10462865_10206187943723641_9140945742194470970_n

When we got back, it was only around 7’clock, which seems super early but it was already pitch black outside. Later on, we ventured back outside to find dinner. We stopped at a place called Ramenka, which was a few streets down from us. Along the way, it was kind of dark and scary, so I told Ali and Kelly to keep up with my pace and we hurried quickly to the restaurant. At first Kelly and I were confused because the menus were in Hungarian, and Ali was confused why we were confused, but then we learned they had two sets of menus and Ali happened to pick up the English version. Since the place was packed, we took ours to go and made it home with hot ramen safe and sound. Me eating with chopsticks was a disaster. Kelly is half-Chinese so she tried her best to teach me. By the end of the meal, I had kind of sort of gotten the hang of it. After eating and reading a chapter of Mere Christianity together, we went back to the room to go to bed. Unknown to me until we reached Vienna, I left my scarf down there in the bar area because I had taken it off to avoid dropping food all over it. So now, we have changed the words to George Ezra’s song and instead of “My house in Budapest” it is now “My scarf’s in Budapest.”

The next morning was not nice to my blood pressure. The lady at the desk was as sassy as the man on the phone the first night. Hungarians in general don’t seem outwardly to be the happiest of people. They don’t laugh a whole lot. The day before, we were laughing a lot while walking around and Ali jokingly said, “Stop laughing, we are in Hungary.” After leaving the hostel in the morning, we couldn’t decipher the maps we had looked up. An uncharacteristically friendly Hungarian man with his wife came up and asked if we needed help. He could tell we were lost, but he pointed us in the direction to the train station, so we were off again! I had never seen a train station before, so I was super excited to see Keleti.

11059289_10206187944203653_3972848782642391774_n 10953283_10206187944483660_2313401436233954316_n

Once there we asked a bunch of different booths for help and finally found platform 8 where we were supposed to be. While waiting, we decided to get some langos from a stand at the station. The menu was completely in Hungarian, so we could not figure out what toppings they had. The lady at the window only spoke Hungarian, so she was getting really mad at us when we didn’t understand what she was saying. It was terrifying. So, Kelly just got a Sprite and we left. The workers at the station helped us find our cart. One of them pretty much demanded a tip right after he helped us find our seats and load our luggage. It was deserved, but very abrupt with the way he asked for it. He also set us in the wrong seats because we had a man and then couple try to move us. The couple insisted we move, so we found what I guess were our actual seats. I was able to get Goulash on the train, so my Hungarian experience was officially complete.


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