Adventure is Out There


I am slightly nervous, a little sad to leave behind the people I love, but mostly excited for my upcoming adventure.

Sunday is the day I will be “off like a dirty shirt” as Duckie says in the movie Pretty in Pink.

I feel like a good majority of people know now that I am heading to Ireland for the semester. So this is likely not a surprise to those of you actually reading this. I am pretty sure that every employee of my family’s insurance company as well as every employee of CVS pharmacy in both West Lafayette and Seymour  know that I am going to Ireland as many times as I have had to contact them.

This break has been relaxing, yet hectic at the same time. No schoolwork, chilling with my family, and catching up with friends from school for the last time before I leave has been nice; however, trying to get everything ready to leave for five months is crazy.

Speaking of five months… how in the world are you supposed to pack to fly away for a semester!? Somehow I managed to do it. Thank goodness I don’t wear makeup or have eight million hair products like my sister, because I had a hard enough time packing as it was. The suitcase and carry-on I have seems to me like a ton, but then I think about how everything in there is for a semester. My tactic for packing was to pull everything I would like to bring out of my closet, and then pack and repack until I had eliminated what I could live without to leave a manageable sized suitcase.

I really don’t think that it has fully hit me that I will be out of the country for a semester…. maybe tomorrow it will seem more real. Anyway, I am super excited to explore Europe for the first time.

If you are’t one of the lucky few using me as an excuse to fly over to Ireland, then you can live vicariously through me and read my blog for updates! I will try my hardest to share any significant experiences I have that are scary or exciting or anything in between.


One thought on “Adventure is Out There

  1. Becky Grelle says:

    I really wish you would write about Ireland now that you are there! Please hurry up… you’ve been there three whole days now, in case you lost track. Becky is waiting to hear all about it!

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