Up, Up, and Away

On Saturday, I flew a plane. That’s right, I flew a plane. This wasn’t my first time in a single engine plane. It was however my first time to actually control the throttle for take-off. I am still not sure why I was trusted with that job.

One of my really good friends, Connor, is a Certified Flight Instructor, and took me up with him Saturday night. It was fantastic. I just can’t even come up with words to describe how incredible it was.

When I think about it, being able fly is really strange. It is just not natural to be up in the air. Even after they explained the mechanism behind flying to me in physics, it still doesn’t make sense to me. I consider myself a pretty fearless person though, so being suspended in the air is fun to me.

I love seeing all of the city lights twinkling at night. There is the occasional mumble of people talking over the radio. I have no idea what they are saying, I just know the that November, Poppy, and Uniform are a part of the alphabet used.

It was so, so cool to fly in over Purdue. We went right past the Bell Tower. I could point out my favorite study spot, Marriott Hall, and the vet building, where I will be spending my time next year. Seeing everything on campus as doll-sized structures reminded me of just how insignificant most of my perceived life-problems are in the grand scheme of things. Purdue is just a tiny part of my life, but I believe that God has huge plans for me in college and beyond.


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