Up, Up, and Away

On Saturday, I flew a plane. That’s right, I flew a plane. This wasn’t my first time in a single engine plane. It was however my first time to actually control the throttle for take-off. I am still not sure why I was trusted with that job.

One of my really good friends, Connor, is a Certified Flight Instructor, and took me up with him Saturday night. It was fantastic. I just can’t even come up with words to describe how incredible it was.

When I think about it, being able fly is really strange. It is just not natural to be up in the air. Even after they explained the mechanism behind flying to me in physics, it still doesn’t make sense to me. I consider myself a pretty fearless person though, so being suspended in the air is fun to me.

I love seeing all of the city lights twinkling at night. There is the occasional mumble of people talking over the radio. I have no idea what they are saying, I just know the that November, Poppy, and Uniform are a part of the alphabet used.

It was so, so cool to fly in over Purdue. We went right past the Bell Tower. I could point out my favorite study spot, Marriott Hall, and the vet building, where I will be spending my time next year. Seeing everything on campus as doll-sized structures reminded me of just how insignificant most of my perceived life-problems are in the grand scheme of things. Purdue is just a tiny part of my life, but I believe that God has huge plans for me in college and beyond.

It’s Beginning to Feel A Lot Like Christmas

I have been out of class for 2 hours now, and I am still experiencing loss of sensation in my body. On Mondays I have class at 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, and 1:30. And of those classes, three of them are in the same room. This room happened to be one of them affected by the great boiler malfunction plaguing Purdue’s campus.

Ironic, right? That Purdue, the home of the Boilermakers, has two boilers that decided to stop working.

By the end of my 10:30, the classroom was down to 48 degrees. The good news was that my next class was a building over, the bad news was that I had a quiz in there. You can never win.

However, the quiz was not nearly as terrible as sitting back to back in the freezing cold classroom. Concentrating  while sitting in an unheated room for 2 and a half hours is quite difficult. It had to have been below 40 by the time that I got out of there. Two of my male professors borrowed a pink scarf from the lost and found box in the classroom, that’s how desperate they were for warmth. My microbiology professor said that had to be the first time he taught a lecture wearing a winter coat and hat. I myself was wearing a denim jacket, a coat, and a ski coat vest. I also had on a head wrap, huge mittens, my winter socks, and boots. I couldn’t take notes because I couldn’t feel my fingers.

When I got back to the room, I decided to change my socks to see if a fresh pair could warm my feet up any. One of my toes was completely white with absolutely no feeling. I guess I can thank my mom for that. She has always had problems with her fingers turning white in the winter due to poor circulation, and this year I have noticed my fingers and toes getting exceptionally cold very easily.

I am hoping to regain complete feeling in my toes within the next half an hour. I can obviously feel my fingers now since I am able to type.

Last night, I had the complete opposite problem. On the drive back from Seymour, I happened to hit Indy right when the snow started coming in. There was some major snow stick-age to the road. There were points where I couldn’t even figure out where the interstate was, so I just picked what I thought was the middle and kept driving. No one else around me could figure out the lanes either. By the time I reached North of Indy, traffic was moving at 45 miles per hour. My blood pressure was definitely elevated. I eventually had to turn on the cool air because I was sweating out of nervousness. So I have experienced the full spectrum of body temperatures over the past 24 hours.

Besides that, I am super excited about the snow. It makes me feel like curling up with my fuzzy blanket, drinking hot chocolate, and watching Christmas movies.

Count Your Blessings

Hey! It’s me again!

I have been pretty busy being trapped in the Sophomore Slump. Yes, I do believe that such a thing exists. If you just google search “Sophomore Slump,” several articles pop up. Such as this one!



I started out fine, and then gradually a horrible outlook on everything related to being at Purdue began to creep up on me. Classes are hard. Being back in dorms is hard. Interactions with people are hard. Everything is hard.

I would try to give myself a little pep talk nearly every day. “Mallory, you need to have a better attitude.” However, that wasn’t working. I have had quite a few chats with God, asking why I feel the way I do and asking for the weight of everything that felt like it was crushing me to be lifted.

And you know what? I have had an unexplainable change in attitude over the past couple of weeks. No, my challenging situations haven’t gone away. I am just learning that when you look deep down into each circumstance, the frustration is stemming from an unconscious effort to try and control everything.


I go through a vicious cycle of trying to control my life, realizing that doesn’t work, and then giving up all control. If I could just stick at the whole giving up all control to God phase in the cycle, I would be much better off. That’s where I have been heading back to lately, and I must say, it is so much more pleasant.

I need to define myself not by my GPA or my relationships with others, but rather find my identity in Christ. God can do a lot better job at looking out for me than I can.

With that in mind, these past few weeks I have been able to appreciate the big little things in life….

Exams that don’t make me feel like crying

Kohl’s Cash (and super nice boots you can get with it)

Beautiful Fall Weather

Gilmore Girls

Shania Twain songs

Bright Red Leaves

Male Ginko Trees since they don’t smell terrible like the female ones

People that don’t have to do anything to make me smile

Hearing my favorite Ingrid Michaelson song come on in a coffee shop

Coffee in general

The fact that Rabbit Jumping Competitions exist

My fuzzy blanket

Special K Red Berries Cereal

Buying a plane ticket for Ireland!!!

Yeah… I am super pumped for Ireland next semester. I am ready to go. Like Now.