Not All Mondays are Bad

“The examined life is no picnic.” ~Robert Fulghum in All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

Robert may be right, but sometimes in life you need to go on a nice picnic. That’s exactly how I was feeling when I found the cutest little picnic basket last Saturday. I told my mom when I got it that now that I have my picnic basket, I just need a guy to take me on picnics!



I brought my basket back with me because I was super excited and really wanted to use it. I also had the perfect people to go with me- Becca and Anne! This past school year and summer, they both lived in the house I am currently at.



Since Anne is going to med school in the Fall and this is her last week at Purdue, Becca and I planned a surprise picnic for her. I had always wanted to go sit out on the grassy areas next to the engineering fountain, so that is where we had our picnic on Monday. It was an absolutely gorgeous day outside… It was pretty much Fall weather, which is my favorite.

We had chicken salad, watermelon, pasta salad, and strawberry shortcake!


Photo Credits for this Lovely Shot Belong to Becca

We took a lot more pictures that are being withheld from social media for the sake of your eyes and our dignity. The facial expressions you can capture of people who aren’t gymnasts doing cartwheels and hand-stands are terrifying.

Becca also taught us an awesome trick with the can of whipped cream. If you make a fist and put a little bit on the spot between your hand between your thumb and pointer finger, you can smack your arm and then catch the dollop of whipped cream that flies up in your mouth. Sorry, I don’t have a video demonstration for you. Anne and I were not the best at it… we couldn’t seem to get it to leave our hand. I managed to get mine to move only enough to jump to the sleeve of my sweatshirt.

We also brainstormed an idea for an advertisement seeking a Christian guy picnic buddy. I am not sure how many takers there would be… are picnics really something guys want to do with their time? However, last Monday is proof that going on picnics is still fun even when it isn’t with a date.

I am so happy that I was able to get the opportunity to live with such encouraging and fun girls.

If you need help lifting your spirits, find some great friends, and have a picnic!



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