Tomorrow We’ll Go to the Fair

I headed home this past weekend to surprise my parents. As an added bonus, the county fair was still going on. Since I missed it last year because I was studying abroad in Costa Rica, I really wanted to go get a Rib-eye sandwich from the pork producer’s stand and a pineapple whip ice-cream cone!


When people ask me what my favorite type of food is, I say pasta. But, I should really start saying fair food. If you have never been to a county fair, which I was surprised to find out the other day that such people exist, you should make an effort to go for the food sometime. Definitely try a lemon shake-up. The closer it is made to the animal barns, the better it will be (trust me). At Jackson County fair, the best ones are actually made inside the building where they show animals. It sounds sketchy, but they are fantastic. It’s a good thing that the fair doesn’t last the whole year, because the food there is definitely not recommended by nutritionists.

As an animal science major, I of course wanted to go look at the animals. Seeing the bunnies brought me back to my rabbit showing days in 4-H. I didn’t show rabbits all throughout my time in 4-H because I eventually got to the point in the required accompanying workbook that was called “Going to the Market.” My options were to make a meal out of rabbit, help skin a rabbit, or other equally difficult activities for someone who has grown up viewing rabbits as pets. I ended up choosing to make a meal out of rabbit (which my mom pretty much did for me) and didn’t re-enter the Rabbit showing project the next year.

IMG_0211 IMG_0177

While I walked around the barns with my family, we happened upon my 8th grade social studies teacher sitting in the sheep barn. My mom was telling him about how I want sheep when I get my own place, and I told him stories from the applied animal management class I took last semester.

Somehow, the conversation went to dating. Mr. Ritz gave me the best dating advice I have ever received. He told me that if I am going to bring home a stray, bring home a dog, not a guy. A stray dog will be more loyal to you in the end. He actually had a lot more points to his argument that were hilariously true, but I can’t remember them all.

So remember the wise words of Mr.Ritz if you are still single.

***The title of my blog comes from a lullaby my mom used to sing to us, that I can still remember***




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