These are a Few of My Favorite Things

My mom didn’t want me to be lonely for the holiday weekend, so my parents drove up North today and I met them in Frankfort. We visited some pretty neat shops, had some fantastic food and drinks at a coffee shop, and explored the countryside. In the meantime, I was able to compile another random list of some of my favorite things.

Angel food cake is literally food from angels. My mom has been determined to have a REAL angel food cake. She likes using the terms real and fake when referring to food. My mom normally just uses a box mix when making angel food cake because apparently it takes a lot of eggs to make a “real” one. But, she finally made a homemade angel food cake… or I guess two of them, because my family devoured all of the first one before she could bring me some. I have only had a bite of it, but mmmmm… I just love angel food cake. It is so light and fluffy, and as far as cake goes, it isn’t too unhealthy.

Second, I like talking to strangers. I actually find it easier to have conversations with complete strangers, than people I am around a lot. I am not quite sure why, but I feel less pressure. Today, when we stopped for dinner in Crawfordsville before I drove back to Purdue, there was an extremely friendly group of people at the table next to us. An older gentleman from the group asked us after we sat down if we were from around the area. He ended up doing most of the talking in our conversation, but it was neat just to hear his stories. Whether they were all true was debatable since old age gets to your memory. He had stories about everything from his dog having to go to Purdue’s vet clinic to how when he was in the military they would smoke pot (or eat a lot of brownies) because the booze didn’t treat your digestive system well.  He even bought me coffee because he was determined to have me try the best coffee around.

I really don’t enjoy driving because it makes me sleepy, but today I didn’t so much mind it. I had great music and a beautiful sky, which are the last two things on my list for today. I love music with acoustic guitar and/or ukelele. I find acoustic guitar soothing, and ukeleles could probably make any song sound happy. I also enjoy listening to people with unique voices, like Ingrid Michaelson. It was incredibly relaxing driving through the country with my music and having such a big, blue sky above me. To me, blue skies feel like God is just giving me a huge hug. It makes me smile a lot.  I really was tempted to jump out of the car, lay down in a random field, and look up at the clouds.

Big, blue skies make me feel small in a good way. It reminds me about how minimal all of the things I get anxious about are, and also how huge and powerful God is. I have a couple of verses that have been sticking with me lately. They are Isaiah 49:16 and John 10:3 (Scroll down to read the verses). My mom sent me a devotional on Thursday that discussed these verses because she knows how much I love sheep. It was about how when we see a flock of sheep, we just see sheep. When we see a group of people, we will often just see a group. However, that’s not the same for Jesus. He calls his sheep by name. He has our names written on his hand. The next day, I was reading a devotional that mentioned these same verses, and it was just as much a comfort the second time.

Even when I forget who I am, God still knows me. Even when I forget to call on Jesus, He still calls me by name. I drew a little sheep on my wrist yesterday as a reminder that I am cherished by God. He has my name engraved in the palm of his hand! He isn’t just some distant figure. He watches over me and leads me, and I need to be better about listening to His voice. He is a much better Shepard than I will ever be when I get my flock of sheep.

happy sheep

Isaiah 49:16- “See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands…”

John 10:3- “The watchman opens the gate for him, and the sheep listen to his voice. He call his own sheep by name and leads them out.”



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