Dino Phone

I have had my iPhone for a few years and it was starting to act funny and lose it’s charge quickly, so I was next in line in my family for a phone upgrade. For some reason, I decided a couple of months ago that when the time came, instead of getting a new iPhone, I wanted a non-smartphone.

I ran the idea past many, many people. Only 3 of them told me that it was a good idea, and all three of those people had dumb phones themselves. Even my parent were a bit taken back when I told them my idea. My dad said several times, “You know, you don’t have to do that…” I wish I could capture the tone in his voice in my writing, because it sounded like he thought I was going off the deep end. After hearing person after person hint or flat out tell me that it wasn’t a very good idea, I was feeling a little discouraged, and reconsidered my wish for a non-smartphone.

Last week, my family was finally eligible for a phone upgrade. And…

I did it! I joined Team Dumb Phone. It’s only been about a week, but so far I am loving it. My “new” phone is the perfect amount of dumb. I still have a keyboard to be able to text easily. It’s funny because just yesterday, someone handed me their iPhone for me to add myself to their contacts. At first, I thought I had already forgotten how to use a smartphone, because I couldn’t figure out how to type stuff. As it turns out, it wasn’t me, it was just that the keyboard decided to disappear for no good reason. I don’t have to deal with those kinds of problems anymore. You know why? Because my phone has a permanent keyboard! The only way that baby is going anywhere is if I break my phone in half. 


Speaking of breaking, I also don’t have to worry about my screen getting cracked. Compared to an iPhone, this dinosaur of a phone is indestructible.

I ultimately made the switch because I was tired of being distracted by my phone. Checking texts or social media became a subconscious thing. Looking down at my phone was also an easy way for me to avoid real social interaction, which isn’t good for me. The time I spent on my iPhone was not at all constructive. I was just mindlessly wasting time and missing life.

I am much more observant without my iPhone. I notice everything around me. I am also saving my family money, which is just an added bonus to my efforts to simplify life.

The biggest thing I was worried about was losing my GPS. I have gone to Lafayette a couple of times this week and have had an easier time navigating around without Google Maps than with it. I am actually starting to learn the roads instead of being dependent on my phone. I have a perfectly good digital camera and iPod that were both being neglected because of my phone but are now going to get lots of love!

With that being said, I feel obliged to still talk about the downsides of having a dumb phone, so you don’t think I am hiding anything from you. I am the type of person that likes to know answers to random question I have. Therefore, I do miss my Google app, because now I can’t quickly look stuff up whenever I want. I am sure I will eventually get used to waiting until I have my laptop handy. The biggest problem though is ending up in a group text. I have been put in two of them this week, so I just keep getting random messages from people as they are responding to the initial question or statement. I then have to backtrack and figure out who and what they are responding to since messaged aren’t grouped together in one chat like on my iPhone. However, this is totally my own problem. So, if you need to send me a message in a group chat, just go ahead and I will figure it out eventually. I am sometimes bad at responding to texts anyways, and the last thing I want is for my phone to be an inconvenience to others.

There have been a few times while on campus that I have responded to texts and then looked up to notice someone smiling in my direction. I know they aren’t smiling at me for just being me. So they are either just really happy people, or my dumb phone tickles them. It’s okay, I think my phone is funny too, but I really do like being free from my iPhone. Even if I end up having to or wanting to switch back in two years when it’s my turn for another upgrade, I think that this will have been a great life experience for me.


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