And So it Begins…

Well. I am done with my first week of the second semester of physics. I can’t complain too much since I am not in the hardest physics class at Purdue, which I know at one point was one of the most failed classes in the nation. However, so far, I am not a fan of this whole electricity part of physics. I have told people that all I really care to know about electricity is that I flip on the light switch and it’s there. Nevertheless, I have to keep studying it.

This whole post isn’t going to be about physics, don’t worry. But before I move on, I do want to say God bless whoever is behind “the Physics Classroom” online. If you are in need of basic physics help, go there. NOW.

Here’s the link-

Now you don’t have any excuses not to check it out. They explain everything in normal people terms, which is something that sometimes professors at Purdue can’t do. They are too smart for their own good.

Being at Purdue for Physics is really depressing after coming back from vacation. Particularly back from the last part of our vacation that I promised I would talk about. We stayed on a Mennonite farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Ironically, it was in Paradise, Pennsylvania. Staying on a farm might not be everyone’s idea of paradise, but it is mine.

We had previously been to Verdant View Farm about 6 or 8 years ago. I absolutely loved it, and so when my parents asked us where we wanted to go for vacation, it was my choice immediately. You can definitely see a difference in personalities between my sisters and I when you look at our vacation. My older sister, Alyssa, wanted a beach. My younger sister, Ellen, wanted something historical (Philadelphia and Valley Forge).

George's Crib at Valley Forge

George’s Crib at Valley Forge


My future house and guest houses




I wanted something Amish.

I have a great appreciation for the simplicity of Amish life. I would trade my car in for a horse and buggy in a heart beat if I could. I also wouldn’t mind Amish clothing, bonnet and all. It was so peaceful being in Lancaster County in general. The pace of life is fantastic and the undeveloped land with farms scattered about is beautiful.

We spent quite a bit of time in Lititz, which is called “America’s Coolest Small Town.” I am not going to argue with that. The main town strips were lined with historic looking buildings. They even had antique shops for my mom and me! We stopped by Juilius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery, which was apparently the first commercial Pretzel Bakery in America. Lititz is also home to Wilbur Chocolate Co., which in my opinion beats Hershey (also based in Pennsylvania). In case you are reading this Graham, thanks for the recommendation!



I have actually played through a made-up conversation in my mind of me telling my parents that I am dropping out of school and moving to Lancaster. I told Emily this, and I think she is worried about me now. She won’t let me drop out, so I am pretty sure my parents wouldn’t go for that either.

Back to Verdant View Farm… they had cows, goats, chickens, rabbits, and a sheep. As I believe I have already mentioned, I love sheep, so I was super pumped! IMG_0694

The problem is that there has been a history of evil animals on the farm when my family comes to visit. The first time, it was an evil donkey. Go to the following link for proof of my previous statement and also to briefly see me in my chubby awkward stage!

The sheep wasn’t as evil as the donkey, he just wasn’t very friendly. Also, I am not going to blame the sheep for his behavior because as I have learned in school, sheep are flock animals, so they don’t act the best when they are alone. My mom wanted to get a picture of me with the sheep and all was fine until she told me that I should bend down next to it. Then it freaked out a bit.

Feisty Sheep

Feisty Sheep


Ellen later was standing next to it petting him, and boasted, “See! He likes me!!!” Then just after she said that, the sheep turned his head and hit her right in the gut. Our family farm trips just aren’t complete without someone getting attacked by an animal.

Here are some pictures of the animals for your viewing pleasure!

Battle of the Goats

Battle of the Goats

Goat Selfie

Goat Selfie




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