Cattail Crick

I am back…  !!! for a new blog; 😦 for being back from vacation

I said I would finish writing about Pennsylvania, but I am going to keep up the suspense because I have other things to blog about first! I made a promise to Emily that I would write about yesterday.

Emily came up to Purdue to suffer through summer classes with me starting tomorrow. Her being here makes campus seem a little more normal, even though we aren’t living in the same house anymore. Since I have been up here practically all summer while she was back at Seymour, I hadn’t seen her since the end of Finals week, so we decided to catch up!

Emily is a super cool person and everyone should want to be her friend. I am super happy that we were able to have classes together in high school after Freshmen Geometry class because otherwise she would have forever mistakenly thought that I hated her and we never would have been friends. Emily even told me that she put my blog page in her bookmarks, which is in part why I am dedicating part of this blog to her! You can feel free to follow her example (I can’t guarantee I will blog about you though).

There is no better way to catch up than floating around a lazy river all afternoon at Tropicanoe Cove. I personally find their name quite clever. It’s much better than naming it Tippencanoe County Family Aquatic Center or something dumb like that. However, I didn’t much care for the name of the lazy river “Cattail Crick.” It would have been fine if they called it “Cattail Creek,” but no… they just had to go with the hick pronunciation. That’s something I would expect out of Vallonia, Indiana, not the home of Purdue University.

Speaking of cats… Friday was the one year anniversary of Finn Baby’s adoption! In case you don’t know his story or if you want to be reminded, then you can continue reading. If you hate Finn and are tired of posts about him, then you can just stop reading, I won’t be mad at you.

I have never been a cat person. In fact, I am still not. I am just a Finn person. I obviously don’t hate cats since I am going to be a vet, and I do think they are cute (not always), but I would chose a dog over a cat 98% of the time.

I worked in a mixed practice vet clinic last summer, and two litters of kittens were dumped off on the vet, who was nice enough to take them in and try to nurse them back to health. They were all in really rough shape with eyes matted shut and respiratory problems. I helped to clean out their cages, feed them, and wipe off the goo from their eyes. Some of the kittens didn’t mind us being there, but there were a few that were exceptionally skittish around people.

There was one cat in particular that they wanted me to work with so that it would get used to being handled. They maintained records for the weights and medicine given to the kittens and the one I was to work with was listed as “orange fluff.” Little Orange Fluff would just sit in the back of the cage shaking while his many siblings surrounded the food dish. I picked him up and he fell asleep purring in my hands, and it was just so cute I couldn’t even handle it.

baby finn

I quickly fell in love with Orange Fluff, and I told my mom I was going to bring home a kitten just to judge her reaction. Like I expected, she wasn’t particularly fond of the idea since we already had two dogs and two rabbits. Every day I would come home from work and she would say in her teacher voice, “Did you bring home a kitten today?” I don’t think she was really expecting me to do it, but after she asked me enough times I decided I would actually bring one home.

On June 13th, 2013, Finn (previously “orange fluff”) came home with me from the vet. I had to buy him eye ointment and antibiotics in hopes that he wouldn’t die on me. There were four really sick kittens, including Finn, that hadn’t moved from the “sick cage” to the “adoptable cage.” Had I not taken Finn home, he would have been euthanized the next day with the other three because there was no hope of them getting better without constant individual attention, and that wasn’t possible at the busy vet office.

I told my mom that if I had just wanted a cat, I wouldn’t have picked an extremely sickly one that could possibly lose an eye. He was a little timid when I first brought him home. I am also pretty sure he was convinced he was a parrot because he like to sit and sleep on everyone’s shoulders.

first day home

Three days after I brought him home, I heard a loud bark and crash, and I ran into the other room to find a kitten with blood all over the floor. Finn had gotten too close to our dog while he was eating, and so Stokley turned around and bit him on the head. Stokley isn’t a mean dog at all, he is just sometimes old and grumpy and protective over his food. I was completely devastated when I picked up Finn and saw that his jaw was broken and bleeding. I called my mom hysterical over the incident and she told me that I could call the vet’s emergency line since they aren’t open on Sundays. When I called, the vet I worked for told me that since the kitten was so small they wouldn’t be able to wire it back or correct it in any way. I was just going to have to let it heal itself, and was told that it may forever look a little weird.

broken jaw

So now I had a kitten with a decrepit eye and a messed up jaw with a snaggle tooth. He was not the cutest creature you have ever seen. Even still he was incredibly playful and energetic and acted as if there was nothing wrong.


Eventually, Finn’s sneezing went away, his eye surprisingly cleared up, and his snaggle tooth fell out.

little finn

Finn is one of strangest cats in the world, but he provides hours of entertainment. He is very hyper; however, he still has an extremely chill personality and lets me carry him around like a baby. I hate leaving him every time I have to go back to school, but my parents are gladly housing him until I can get an apartment that allows pets. While they weren’t initially thrilled that I brought a kitten home, now they aren’t looking forward to the day I take him with me because my whole family has gotten attached to him.


Finn’s hobbies include running around the house randomly, attacking your leg as you walk by, sleeping, getting hight on catnip, bird watching, and sticking his paws into the holes of the laundry basket as you pull clothes out.


I hope you enjoyed my Finn GIFs I made to commemorate the occasion. If you want to replay them, just click on it. Also, if you would like to see more pictures or videos of Finn being Finn, I have plenty to show you!


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