I Can Run… Sorta.

So all of this free time I temporarily have this summer has me doing the strangest things that I wouldn’t normally do (like blogging). The strangest of these is running.

I decided about a month ago to do the Insanity Month 1 workout schedule because I needed to stop being a bum. It was terribly great while it lasted. Yes, that is how I define Insanity- “terribly great.” When people would ask me how it was, I would always say, “It makes you want to cry, throw-up, and hide in a corner… but it is really good for me!”

When my month ended, I couldn’t just stop exercising all together, but I did take a short little fitness hiatus during dead week and finals week. Now that it is summer and I don’t have much going on, I begrudgingly decided to figure out some sort of workout schedule. For some reason, I settled on running.

Now you might be saying to yourself, “I didn’t know she could run!” Don’t worry, I haven’t been keeping secrets from you. I can’t run. I have gotten better now that I am running on campus Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and the occasional weekend. However, this sums up how I would define my running ability…


If you ever happen to see me running, just do me a favor and don’t give me the pity clap. I got that once when I had to swim the 200 butterfly at a club swim meet, and I would rather not experience it again.

If you are into running or any other exercise where you are moving and listening to your Ipod, I suggest using the app “Map My Run.” It has been great for me to see how far I run, my pace, and calories burned (it is only off from my heart-rate monitor by a little bit). Just make sure to hit start once before going. This morning, I ran from campus to CVS and didn’t realize that I had accidentally hit the button twice so it was paused the entire time.

Today was my longest consecutive run at 1.74 miles, although I did run 2.44 the other day (with a break after 1.56 miles). I know this doesn’t seem like a lot to experienced runners, but for me it is pretty far. My knee is still pretty mad at me about the whole car accident 2 and a half years ago. It is only sending me slight signals to stop running, so I will keep going.




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