Growing Up and Growing Old.

I don’t know what has possessed me to start blogging because I don’t really ever have much to say. I am better at writing out words, so maybe this will work out okay. I think it will be good for me to reflect on what’s going on in my life rather than just blindly going about my days.

I think the real reason why I decided to start this is because I have gotten awfully nostalgic lately thinking about how old I am getting. Yeah, I know… 19 isn’t that old. But to me it seems that way.  I had to have my friend, Emily Rudge, help me figure out how old I was one day because I just couldn’t believe that I was about be two decades old.

I have begun to realize over the past two weeks how close I am to living on my own. I decided to accept a summer research internship up at Purdue and then go into summer school, so I am living in a townhouse in West Lafayette this summer. So what does that mean for Mallory? Well, it is the first time I’ll have to fend for myself for an extended period of time. That means grocery shopping and making myself food for every meal. I decided going into this summer to try to avoid entering into the trap of always eating out because 1) that is unhealthy; 2) that is expensive; and 3) it’s time for me to face the kitchen and grow up. This is my 12th day and I have only eaten out three times. In my defense, two of those times I had been asked by others to go to lunch, and I could use all the help I can get with practicing social skills. The third time was yesterday afternoon when I went to the farmer’s market on Purdue’s campus. I enjoyed a delicious brisket sandwich while supporting local agriculture! That earns me a pass, right?

There is this wonderful website called Pinterest. You may have heard of it before. My newsfeed is generally filled with wedding dresses and ideas, and this absolutely scares me because my older sister, who is only 15 and a half months older than me, is pinning a good majority of those. Also, the only man in my life is my cat Finn, whom my family affectionately refers to as Sir Michael Finnegan Bottom the Third, because he is kind of a prince and kind of weird. Don’t get me wrong, I do have a board titled “a long, long time from now,” which will be conveniently there if I decide to get married and don’t end up becoming Amish. If you have ever perused my Pinterest board you will find that most of my pins are related to crafts, sewing, or food. Last night, I pinned a plethora of recipes, and people were probably annoyed with me for blowing up their news-feeds. Like I told Emily last night, I am not ashamed because I need Pinterest’s help with this whole growing up thing. My next step is to print off recipes and organize them in some manner. Then after that, the even harder step will be making the food.

I can’t promise that my posts will ever get any more interesting than this one. Eventually it will be used to talk about my experiences in Ireland next Spring, assuming that I keep this up and remember that I have a blog. Until then, I will continue to ramble about my pretty average life, and even if no one reads it, this can just be a little online journal for me. I now have to get back to handling giant rabbits for my internship!

Finny Bottom

Finny Bottom

He obviously loves me. Really he does, he was just being weird in this picture.

He obviously loves me. Really he does, he was just being weird in this picture.


***Apparently I haven’t figured out how to link other websites. Sorry about the false Pinterest link. If you really want to see my account, I am sure you can figure out how to get there.


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